Our offerings

JTA is a family-focused OT and AAC speech-language therapy private practice providing authentic, high quality evaluation and therapy services. We primarily support toddlers, children and teens with development delays and / or disabilities, and we specialize in:

1      Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

2      Speech language therapy and evaluations

3      Occupational therapy and evaluations

4      Assistive technology trainings and evaluations

5      Consulting, coaching and custom trainings

Speech language evaluations and therapy

Our speech language practice centers around each individual that we work with. We identify and build customized solutions for every client.

For individuals who are not able to speak and have significant communication impairments, we focus on using AAC technology, communication devices and communication applications for iDevices.

For all our clients, we specialize in delayed speech and language, receptive language, and expressive language.

Occupational therapy evaluations and therapy

Our OT services are our newest and fastest growing offering. We focus on developing and improving abilities in areas including visual perceptual-motor skills, play, sensory regulation, and strength building.

Our work supports delayed fine motor skills, visual perceptual-motor skills, activities of daily living, play skills, sensory processing and strengthening.

Assistive technology evaluations and training

We are experts in assistive technology. We have worked with industry leaders for 35+ years, and collaborate with families to ensure that children have the best, individualized technologies to live a fulfilled life. Assistive technology evaluations include wheelchair positioning, access to assistive technology, mobility (driving power wheelchairs), pre-mobility (learning to drive power wheelchairs), and sleep positioning.

Consultative, coaching and training services

JTA has run a variety of different coaching and consulting sessions. These range from single day to multi-week long trainings supporting schools, educators, therapists and others globally. We can train your leaders and teams to set them up for more success working with those they service on a daily basis.

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